Q: Do you take same-day appointments?

A: Yes, sometimes! You can email me to see if I'm around. 

Q: Are you discreet with my personal information?

A: Yes. I take client confidentiality very seriously. I will never talk about you with anyone. Things you tell me about your background, family, work etc. are kept in strict confidence. I bury all secrets behind lock and key in the attic of my soul. Client confidentiality is sacred to me and I will never expose my clients for any amount of money. If there ever is a reward for info on you, rest assured I am never coming forward to claim it, whatever it is they are offering or accusing you of. My vow of silence is absolute and unconditional. The clients mentioned in my blog have given me their permission to be written about.

Q: Do you delete my personal information?

A: Yes. I will delete your personal information after our meeting. I use a burner email and burner linkedin for screening. I get new burner accounts on a regular basis. 

Q: Do you have restrictions regarding client age/weight/body type/ethnicity? 

A: I don't care if you are 20 or 90. I don't care who or what you are. I see people as individuals. If you can send screening info we're good to go :) 

Q: Can you send face pic?

A: Never.

Q: What services are available? What are you comfortable with?

A: When people ask me these kinds of questions I cut off contact right away. 

Q: Can I list you as my reference after our meeting?

A: Yes! Make sure you give me her email address so I know her email is coming. Emails from unknown senders are presumed to be from your wife or girlfriend looking for evidence to be used against you. I will not reply to unknown senders.

Q: How often and for how long can I list you as my reference after our meeting?

A: It depends on your screening method. If you screen with your real name/personal info: forever. If you screen with P411 AND you agree not to ask me for the "okay" in the P411 system: forever. All other screening methods: 6 months or 3 times, whichever comes first.

Q: Are you P411-verified? Do you give P411 okays?

Yes, my membership ID is P240456. I will give you a P411 "okay" if you request it after our meeting but I prefer not to. I don't like having permanent proof on file that I know you. It makes me paranoid. As an incentive, I offer unlimited reference help, forever, to P411 members who agree not to ask me for the "okay" after our meeting.